8 Puzzle Resources

There are plenty of websites on the Internet that you can find useful information about 8 puzzle problem. Here on this page some of them are listed. If you find your or any other website related to 8puzzle.com you can contact us through the contact page and have your link added up to this page.

Fifteen Puzzle on Wikipedia
Information about a more sophisticated version of 8 puzzle problem.

Brian's Project Gallery - 8-Puzzle Solver
Another 8 puzzle solver.

CS 381K: Heuristic Search: 8 Puzzle
Heuristic search algorithm for 8 puzzle.

The 8 Puzzle Composer: Hearing the Solution
Another guide for the solution.

COS 226 8 Puzzle Assignment
8 puzzle problem assignment.

Other Links

Age calculator
Ovulation calculator
PIC programmer
Matlab examples